Interested in running a room on Clubhouse with the support of
Please DM on Instagram.

  • Get a Diverse & Dynamic Built-in Audience (18k+ Members get notified when your room opens)
  • Receive Driect Support from Established Moderators/Co-Hosts
  • Get Additional Promotion from Club Members that Join + Ping people into your Room.

Step By Step after filling out this form.

1. From your “Hallway
Search “” in the top left corner with the magnifying glass.

2. Join as a Member

3. Once a member, go back to your “Hallway

4. In the Top Right Corner, you should see your Calendar

5. Tap “Upcoming Events”  then  “My Events”

6. Click the button in the top right corner to make a “New Event”

7. Enter Event Name,
in the next field where it says with:
type “Motivate” or “Eric Spivak” 
then enter Date & Time (which will automatically
revert to whatever time zone you’re currently in)
Host Club click “”
then enter your Event Description.


Click “Publish”  then refresh that page to see your event.


Message @Eric.Spiv.Is.Ur.Plug Once Created.

He will go in to confirm that it was properly listed,
then proceed to take the event off “Members Only”
then on the Day & Time you set, you can go into this calendar page,
you can click on your event, and it should allow you to Start Your Room.


That’s It!
You’re in business and we hope you have a great experience.

Be mindful of your moderation, Exercise social etiquette
and try not to let people speak too much, or over one another.

If you have someone you can trust to add as a moderator, you can do so by clicking their name if they’ve been invited to the stage, and then “adding moderator”

Please keep your spaces diverse and inclusive, 
racism, xenophobia, or any type of disrespectful behavior
will not be tolerated.

Thank You & Looking Forward To Hearing About Your Success!