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    Alexander MazzeiNFTs tips

    It was a random moment when Alexander Mazzei went into the clubhouse for the first time and connected with the Videographers !!! room and started meeting other people in the industry and asking questions about the unreal engine, in that room he met Ryan and Sam who soon would become part of the spark to start the idea. Alexander was in the bitcoin group and was sharing a story and Lamar shared with him about NFTs. That was the first time he heard it and shortly after learning about NBA top shot, he jumped in the deep end without learning how to swim. After buying some Lebron James cards and some other rookies, he soon discovered there wasn’t a community about NFTs available to him. So the next day, barely sleeping, he jumped up and bought the domain name NFTs.tips and started a clubhouse room that continued to live and grow beyond the first few hours. The room has been open from Feb 1 for the first time and has continued till today. The community keeps growing and becoming stronger daily.

    Join the conversation and become a part of something bigger than yourself. https://discord.gg/nN7QeHzXsK


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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