Welcome to the Community!

     We are NFTs Tips – the largest and fastest growing community on Clubhouse for NFT and Defi. 

     Our community embodies an expression of sovereignty… a crystallization of interdependent spirit; an expression of humanity emerging among a diverse people uplifting each other with knowledge and creativity.

This is our mission. 
Our foundation serves creatives by organizing communities of interest and supplying guidance, infrastructure, and stewardship of community projects. Our initiatives are designed collectively to educate, build capacity, increase awareness, expand consciousness and provide conduits, best practices and outlets for the creations born from nfts.tips.

This is our vision. 
Our vision is an expansion of our fertile community toward effective incubation and deployment of valuable cultural products and businesses; including an artist incubator, vr/ar museums and metaworlds, a monthly nft publication, and content production machine, 

Our aim is to collectively iterate, evolve, and build best practices, standard operating procedures, and operational infrastructure to empower creatives.

Our driving motivation is to connect people with knowledge and best practices to make them aware of their sovereignty, build capacity, and connect them to frameworks and infrastructure that increase their ability to generate economy from their creativity.